Should I go paperless?

Our CRM Guru, Emma Rochester
has the following observations to share:

In response to the recent article in the October issues of Aesthetic Medicine that Max Hastings of Aesthetic Nurse Software wrote, titled Should I go paperless? Our CRM Guru, Emma Rochester has the following observations to share:

The Answer is … absolutely yes! Here at Aesthetic Response, we’ve been paperless for a few years now we really see the benefit all across the team. Everything’s kept extremely safe with the highest level of security allowing us to manage all our records, notes and confidential information in one place. This means no paper lying about anywhere, no longer having to look through mountains of paperwork, filing cabinets or having the possibility of misplacing documents. Not needing to spend money on printers, storage, ink, paper and pens brings small savings and a further, more important benefit is that we’re addressing an environmental issue too.

A lot of CRM systems have great built features: you can have everything in one place meaning you do not need to keep paper copies of anything. With the facility to sign forms digitally these can now be completed online and everything can be stored within the patient profile. CRMs are designed in a way to make the day to day running of the business easier with everything in place to ensure both yours and the patient experience is simpler and well informed. Most systems are completely paperless, integrating reports and statistics for marketing and analysis, storing patient consultation and treatment notes with before and after photos, along with your terms and conditions, treatment information, consent forms and appointment notifications – the list goes on! Basically, you’ve everything you need in one software package rather than multiple applications open making your PC seem cluttered.

This helps and supports front of house by enabling them to access your detailed schedule, making it easier to manage your bookings. No more messy paper diaries with lots of crossing out, remember ‘Tippex’? No more confusion to who is booked in or not, no more searching page by page to find the next booking. The CRM system does the hard work for you, meaning your team can more efficient, having more time to spend with valued customers.

In order to work towards going paperless picking the right CRM system’s really important as you need one that fits around your business needs. Time invested in finding the right CRM will certainly pay off in the long run. You may be interested in our mini reviews on a few of the CRM’s we work with here at AR, where we share insight into our experience with the scheduling functions, patient notes and payment terminals.

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