Enquiry Handling

It’s so important to train your clinic staff to an
excellent standard in enquiry handling…

To secure valuable new consultation bookings, it is vital that your staff are trained to handle your enquiries effectively and efficiently.

Here at Aesthetic Response, we truly appreciate the value of high-quality training for our team- after all it’s what our business stands on. Anyone who enquires via our clients speak with one of our trained Patient Advisors who’re able to answer questions regarding treatments offered, the clinic, the practitioner, prices, down-time, and anything else that can be discussed outside of the consultation! To secure valuable new clients, it’s vital that your staff can do the same, so you’ll most likely need to spend time training them to handle new enquiries. The time you invest in building these skills amongst your team will greatly benefit your practice.

When staff have sufficient knowledge of your practice’s treatment portfolio, they’ll be able to answer any questions about the procedures and products that you offer, which is crucial to overcoming possible objections that potential new enquiries may have prior to making any booking. Not only does this knowledge help callers feel at ease, but it also reflects the quality of the training that you’ve had in your own career development, demonstrating the skills and professionalism that patients can expect from you and your wider clinic team. Also worth considering that your staff will be able to fully service enquiries without disturbing you with constant questions, allowing you to get on with your treatments.

It’s so important to create an excellent first impression and training your staff in customer service will help to ensure this happens right from the outset! First impressions count towards building great relationships with clients and a poor start could mean they head to another clinic. Train your staff so that they know exactly what first impression you want them to deliver to callers and visitors into the clinic; your staff won’t know what you want them to say or do unless you spend time training them!
In training your staff to an excellent standard, you’ll soon start to see the rewards! When staff use exceptional customer service skills, your conversion and retention rates are sure to increase. If you explain to your staff how valuable a new enquiry truly is, they’ll understand how important it is to secure new bookings over the phone. Also show your staff how you want data to be captured from each call, ensuring that they’re logged so that you can analyse the efficiency of your lead generation and marketing campaigns. Consistent data capture across your team will allow you to track conversions and enquiries better so you can watch your business grow.

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