Are younger men now embracing tweakments?

Aesthetic Medicine October 2022

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2 Responses

  1. I do definitely think that Botox treatment for men is just the norm now. Having worked in salons and clinics in the past who offer anti-wrinkle treatments I’ve noticed over the past couple of years an increase in male clients. Most men I speak to are happy to discuss their treatments on the phone, however occasionally, if a client’s calling from work they don’t want to say which treatment they’re booking. Aesthetic treatments can still be a sensitive subject!

  2. I agree with you Melanie, I’ve also definitely noticed an increase in men booking for Botox, especially after lockdown. I find they’re often quite nervous when they ring and don’t want any text or email confirmations sent to them in-case their partners or family see. I wouldn’t say that the conversations are difficult, but it definitely helps to be able to make them feel more at ease… they are always so surprised when I tell them that we get a lot of other men enquiring about this treatment!

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