Should I go paperless?

Aesthetic Medicine October ‘22

Emma Rochester our CRM Guru is passionate about going paperless:

The Answer is … absolutely yes! We have been paperless for a few years now and we are really seeing the benefit among the team. Everything is kept extremely safe with the highest level of security allowing us to manage all of our paperwork and confidential information in one place. Not only means no papers lying about anywhere, no longer having to sift through reams of paper or the possibility of misplacing documents but also means we are making a big impact on the helping the environment too. Another added benefit is the cost too – with the cost of living on the rise saving those extra pennies and not needing to spend this on ink, paper and energy all comes in handy.

A lot of CRM systems have great built features meaning you can have everything in one place meaning you do not need to keep paper copies of anything. Digital signing and forms can all now be completed online and everything can be stored within their profile so you no longer need to go searching through files. Also will help your reception team having a CRM system to be able to see a full outlook of your schedule and much easier to manage your bookings. No more messy paper diaries with lots of crossing out! Your reception team can be a lot more efficient and be able to have more time to spend with your valued customers.

Take a look at my blog where I explore these thoughts in further detail: Blog: Should I go paperless?

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