We all know how important it is to give to charity and help those in need, but do you know how much of a difference your aesthetic business could make simply by showing your support to a good cause?

Here at Aesthetic Response our Managing Director, Gilly Dickons, is the co-founder of the charity called Seeds of Hope Uganda, who offer disadvantaged children a chance to have hope in their lives through a sponsorship programme. This pays for things such as school fees (either boarding or day pupils), healthcare, uniforms, food and accommodation. Earlier this year Seeds opened a new project for street kids project where up to 20 children are fed every day! Gilly will soon be heading out to Uganda again to review the progress of the sponsored children and the street project.

There are many reasons why your clinic should make a connection with a charity, whether it's near or far, and the benefits certainly are huge for both parties.

Local Charities

Local charities are often small and in desperate need of funds, being unable to run expensive marketing campaigns. With these organisations, you can see where your money goes as the results are so significant and visible, right on your doorstep, unlike giving to one of the larger national charities. The big organisations work hard for those they work on behalf of, but it could be more beneficial to the area around your clinic if you support a local charity instead. Your support also demonstrates your dedication and commitment to the local community, giving your business extra value to the area, and giving you the opportunity to build a lasting legacy.

Highlighting your support for a local charity is very cost-effective, with huge benefits for the good cause. Raising funds for an organisation could be as simple as placing a charity box in your clinic reception area or adding a donation link on your business website. Let's take a look at some easy fundraising ideas...

Fundraising Ideas

If you want to do more for a local charity, there are many ideas for fundraising, some simple, some that take more organising. You may have heard of the MacMillan Coffee Morning scheme, something that has been highly successful across the country and has proved to be a great fundraiser. Have you considered opening up your clinic to the community for a similar kind of event? Whilst raising funds this would give people a chance to meet you and in return you would have an opportunity to generate the interest of potential new clients. Other ideas include: running a bake sale, whether that's simply internal or open to others; dedicating a treatment such as a facial to a charity; having a monthly employee garden morning at the local hospice; running a charity sweepstake; sponsoring a charity fair or event... the possibilities are infinite!
Not only will you benefit the charity of your choice, but your staff will benefit from an enhanced sense of community and teamwork. You can boost team cohesion through organising or participating in fundraising events, leaving you with happy and motivated clinic staff.

Showing your support for a charity, near or far, big or small will ensure that good cause receives well-deserved and much needed attention, whilst at the same time allowing you to build relationships within your staff team and the wider community. If you don't already have links with a charity, why not?

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