Your clinic website is the equivalent to your high street shop window display. Often it can be the first point of contact for potential new patients, so it must reflect your clinic accurately and look appealing. It’s crucial that your website sends the right message and has the right information on it that will secure a potential new enquiry.

Here is a list of things that you should have on your website:

Accreditations and qualifications

If you are not already demonstrating the qualifications and unique skills that you have, then why not? Potential patients need to know that they are in safe hands with you and showing them all the accreditations and qualifications that you have will make them feel confident in your skills.


Collect real comments from your current patients and post them on your website to show new enquirers even more reasons why they should choose your clinic. People tend to believe recommendations and reviews over marketing campaigns, so use your current and happy client base to your advantage!


Showing what treatments you offer will not only feed into more accurate Search Engine Optimisation results for your website, but will give people a clear run-down of your services, rather than expecting them to guess what is available.


It is key that you demonstrate your valuable USPs (unique selling point) on your website. Show potential clients exactly why you should be their number one choice; what makes your clinic special?

Contact info with links

How will a potential client get in touch with you if there is no contact information on your website? You should have a clear contact section on your website with your phone number, email address and clinic address within easy reach.

Videos and images

It is well documented that online content is better received by the user when there are images and videos aplenty. If your website is a wall of text, people will not bother reading it, so why not make your site interactive and engaging to visit with the use of videos and images of you and your clinic?

Terms & Conditions as per new GDPR guidelines

With the recent onset of GDPR guidelines, you should make sure that your website features terms and conditions of website use and your privacy policy, especially if you have a contact form embedded in the site.

Now that you have read the things that you should have on your website, you also need to make sure that you avoid these elements so that you can secure new enquirer's interest:


Avoid using aesthetics specific jargon on your website as a lot of potential patients may not understand what you are trying to say and may be turned off. Keep the language simple and clear, so that it's easy to read and so that there won't be too much text on your site.


There is always a risk that if you plainly advertise your treatment prices on your website, potential clients may simply look at that and base their decision on budget alone. This could encourage them to find cheap treatments with not very successful results! Show them on your website why they need to choose you without putting price at the forefront.

Not mobile friendly

Is your website easily received on a mobile device? Many people browse the web on their phones and tablets nowadays, so it's important that your website translates easily to a smaller screen. Many website templates now include this feature, so make sure yours does.

Too many ads

You may have adverts across your website so that you can draw income when someone visits the site. However, be wary about crowding your site with ads as this could make it less sleek and a less pleasant experience for visitors.

Not enough info

Yes, you need to keep your website clear and concise without putting too much on it, but you also need to make sure that you have enough information to give potential patients a reason to get in touch with you! A blank website is just as off-putting as a website with too much content!

Your website may be the first thing that potential clients see about you, so make sure it is an excellent and accurate representation of your clinic!

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