Over the last few months we have had a great opportunity to provide appointment booking for cosmetic dentistry...

Here we are in February having managed to navigate through the challenges January brought both at work and in our homes – creeping closer to the spring with lighter nights and the promise of brighter weather.

Planning ahead remains quite a challenge for many of us in this sector as there is still no visibility on the end of this current lockdown. It is important to keep forward momentum and work on ways to come out of this challenging time with a viable business, preferably a vibrant one!

Here at Aesthetic Response this last few months has brought us a new opportunity that is helping us to diversify - we were approached in June 2020 to provide a booking service for consultations for cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign. Several months on and it has proven to be a great fit – our team are booking a very high percentage of the callers in for online appointments, and the attendance rates are consistently good. Our client is delighted with both the quality of the service and the results, the relationship is going from strength to strength. At a time when private medical businesses, like all others, are challenged and they need to make every new opportunity count our appointment booking expertise is providing a great return on investment. Our telephone 'A' team have enjoyed learning about new treatments, and have risen well to this new sector challenge.

As we move through 2021 we're confident that we can provide a great service to cosmetic dentists across the UK, and that this broadening of our offer will help ensure we've a vibrant future here at AR.

If you're a cosmetic dentist and you think you would benefit from the support of our specialist team please get in touch – we know our service will work well for you!

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