It is said that your existing customers are your biggest and best advertisement, and in our aesthetics industry, that couldn’t be more true. Practices of different sizes rely on various methods of enticing new patients into their clinic, whether that’s by word of mouth, carefully designed social media campaigns, or a gleaming website with internet adverts. As part of your patient generation campaign, consider the power of testimonials. A great way of informing potential clients how exceptional your clinic is, is to post your testimonials on your website.

HomeDisplaying testimonials from your clients contributes immediately to your credibility as a practitioner and works as a recommendation. Using testimonials and selected reviews consolidates everything that you say on your website and in your social media. They show any visitors to your website that you treat real people, who have real experiences and real results.

Our extensive experience shows that up to half of all new enquiries that come into a practice are recommendations from friends and family. Have you considered that testimonials can also be seen as recommendations in a similar way? Visitors to your website will take into account what your current patients have said, and this may significantly influence their decision when choosing a clinic for treatment.

Take this testimonial from our website as a fantastic example. Here Jackie Holden from Brighton Beautiful explains how using AR's services has given Jackie back her life and that she has had a significant increase in new patients. This shows practitioners the practicalities of our services and how they may also benefit.

JH.JPGUploading a testimonial to your website can also be seen as a big thank you to your patients for trusting you with their treatments. It can make them feel valued as a client, also giving them status as an influencer to their peer group – you are valuing their opinion! Click here to see our testimonials page, which features pictures of our clients and reflects how our services really benefit their practices!

Any feedback that you receive from clients as part of a testimonial is an opportunity to show you where you are getting it right. It may also highlight USPs that you weren't necessarily aware of such as aspects of your service that you did not at first regard as important or outstanding. Once you identify some USP's from testimonials you can use them across your marketing messages, showing how you really make the difference to your patients' experience.

This featured testimonial on our website from Mr Niall Kirkpatrick demonstrates how his cosmetic surgery practice has seen the benefits from our message taking service. He takes note of the extended hours that we operate, allowing for his clinic to be open for business for longer.


Testimonials can provide you with some excellent material for your social media campaigns. By pulling out a poignant line or two from your testimonials, you can post them on social media, and link to your testimonial page so that people can click through to read more, resulting in more website traffic. Use them regularly on Twitter and Facebook. We find that using snippets from our testimonials is useful content for our social media campaigns. Take a look at this example from our Facebook page.


Where possible use a smart phone to capture short video testimonials from your happy clients. When someone is chatting to you about how happy they are about their treatment outcome, ask them if they would be happy for you to record this? Based on your relationship with your client you will know if it feels appropriate to ask them to do this. Whilst only a few people will feel comfortable doing a video testimonial, many satisfied clients will feel comfortable writing a brief testimonial. Even if you only use someone's initials and don't name them, a testimonial can still have value to you. Here we have one of our testimonials where the client requested to remain anonymous, but we were able to use their initials. The testimonial is very valuable to us and still consolidates how our services benefit practitioners.

Creating short video testimonials from your smart phone will bring a sense of realism to any viewers. Sometimes a highly polished and sharply produced video can come across as perhaps being too structured and maybe even scripted. A video from your phone uploaded to YouTube and linked to your website and social media will come across as natural and the subject of your video will not appear too scripted.

Linking videos to your website will ultimately create a lot of movement and will demonstrate to any visitors that you have real clients, who are giving their honest opinion. Click here to watch the video that we created with Keely McBride and Eve Bird, as they talk about their experiences of AR's services.

As you can see there is huge value in gathering client testimonials, however key to all of this is the fact that you have to be prepared to ask for them. If you haven't already approached any regular, happy clients now is the time to start!

Click here to read our client testimonials and to get inspiration for how you could develop your own testimonial campaign to boost your clinic enquiries.

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