Now that we are in the midst of February, heading positively towards the Spring, and the time for New Years Resolutions has passed, it’s worth taking the time to regularly reflect back on 2017 and think about how you can continue to build on your business successes this year.

Reflecting on 2017:

Think Positive - Before you analyse the areas in which you think you may have struggled in 2017, consider the positive points of last year. What do you think went well? What did you achieve? It's all too easy to become consumed by the challenges, so it's important to focus on positive points and identify how you can build on those successes.

Client Retention – Consider your client retention rates for 2017 by crunching the numbers to see who has come back for treatments, and who may not have returned. Have you successfully retained as many patients as you would have liked? Why do you think that some patients haven't come back? It could be worth conducting a survey by calling patients for feedback on why they come back to your clinic. This would allow you to strengthen and build on your positives.

New Clients – Have you treated as many new clients as you would have liked over the last year? Look at where your new enquiries may have come from by auditing your marketing campaigns. If you feel that you haven't captured as many new enquiries as you could have, it may be worth looking into staffing requirements within clinic, or consider outsourcing your calls to AR's expert team.

Time Off – What were your holidays like during 2017? Do you feel as though as you had enough time off, away from clinic, or were you constantly answering your phone to clients or your staff team on holiday? If this was the case, it may be worth auditing your call handling process to see if you can extend your phone hours, or consider AR's award-winning call handling service to help ease the demand on your time.

Learning – Take time to think about what you have enjoyed learning in 2017. This could be knowledge that you didn't already have about aesthetics or business, or it could be skills that you have gained on a course or at an event. Are you already using your new skills and knowledge in 2018?

Leave Behind – Look back at 2017 and consider if there is anything that you can leave behind for your fresh start to this year. This could be those things which have taken a lot of your energy for little return, those age old habits you want to shake off or old ideas you want to update.

Competition – Do you know how successful your competitors were in 2017? What marketing campaigns have they been using? Do your clients know about any other clinics in your area, and what made them choose you? You should understand your competitors so that your clinic marketing stands out over theirs using your unique selling points to your advantage. You could perhaps mystery shop your competition to see how they answer the phone, and how they deal with new enquiries. From this, you can either take inspiration from them or improve on their techniques!

Looking Ahead in 2018:

Now that you've reflected on your business journey throughout 2017, it's time to re-affirm with yourself what you want out of 2018. You need to consider whether you will do anything differently in your business over the next few months.

Goals – It goes without saying that you should set some realistic goals for the year, but not just in terms of your business development plan! How do you see yourself evolving as a practitioner? Are there any events that you want to attend? Do you plan on networking and meeting new people in the industry this year? Make a list of your top 10 goals for the year; more new patients, increased patient loyalty, more time, looking at yourself and your business.

Client Care – Can you improve on your client care this year? Take a look at a patient's journey through your clinic, and look at it from their point of view. Is there anything that you can make better that will really draw back clients again and again? Are there additional contact opportunities with patients to help keep your clinic at the forefront of their mind?

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