As a patient advisor for Aesthetic Response I feel it vital not only to have a sound knowledge and understanding of treatments and client requirements but also a genuine interest in the two.

It's amazing how quickly you can build a rapport with a patient when you can share experiences or relate to their needs. Of course it comes more naturally to discuss and promote something you actually understand meaning it is essential we keep on top of training, liaise with the clinics we work for and continuously update our database which is our work bible.
Gaining the trust and knowing how all of our clinics operate is key. I find I can tailor a call to suit the client profile, for example: some of our clinics have more of a relaxed approach, which means we can talk to clients as not only a valued customer but as a friend. Other clinics have a very strict, professional protocol which means a more formal approach is required. Having handled calls on a daily basis for some years now, it comes naturally for me to get a sense of what I can and cannot discuss with a client and how I should lead the call.

Ultimately it is my job to provide 5 star customer service, promote the clinic and credential the practitioner. I speak of my own experience with certain treatments when necessary, I find this often resolves any apprehension the caller may have. By answering initial questions, I steer the client towards consultation and reassure them that the medical practitioner is the one with the best experience to offer advise, key to my role is to stress the importance of a face to face assessment.
When a client may not be ready to commit to a booking I often offer to send some information in an email explaining they can read this in their own time and respond should they have any further questions. I think this is a nice touch that is always welcomed by the caller. I find the client will often call back after they've built a picture of the clinic and that we in turn have been helpful and friendly in our initial response.

Occasionally there are instances where we may not be in the position to answer the clients query, for example the clinic team may not have had time to update us on a new treatment offered or a new practitioner who has joined the team. Controlling the call and appearing undeterred is important here as clients may pick up on any uncertainty. I am always honest that I need to check this with the relevant person and will get back to them immediately. I find it useful to repeat my name so the caller has a point of contact and reassure them that we will respond as soon as possible. Repeating contact details will give peace of mind this will be followed up.
Nothing gives me more job satisfaction than securing a booking with someone enquiring for the first time and sharing their excitement. Also seeing a repeat appointment for someone I initially booked, and remembering certain clients who in turn remember me. It's often I am asked if they'll see me on the day of their treatment because they'd like to say hello and put a face to a name.

With the ever-growing market, the wide choice of treatment options and the many skilled practitioners we work with I feel very secure in my role. It seems this is an industry showing no signs of slowing down. It fascinates me exploring new treatments, products, hearing client feedback and being part of the patient journey.
Even for those who may not consider treatment themselves there's no denying it's a very interesting role and knowing you've made a difference to the clinic's success is hugely rewarding. We are occasionally referred to as 'a call centre' but we're nothing of the sort: we take clients through a process, we create the first and lasting impression, we build a relationship and trust. Without this, no matter how pleasing the results of treatment may be, I don't believe we'd keep a loyal client base.
Lauren Bell – AR team member since 2016

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