We are continuing with our Meet Our Team blog series and this week we would like to introduce Jade Nealon. Since joining us over 3 years ago as a Patient Care Advisor, Jade has gone on to lead our email response service. Let's hear what she has to say about herself


Hi I'm Jade, a Patient Care Adviser here at Aesthetic Response and have worked here for 3 years. I previously worked in customer services for many years since leaving school and always enjoyed this type of role. I love working in an office environment, within a team.

I travelled to Australia in 2016 and lived there for 2 years, mainly working in sales roles as I moved to different parts of the country. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of job roles I had as I got to meet new people from all over the world. I feel very grateful that I had the opportunity to live in such an amazing country and will cherish the memories forever.

When I moved back home in the UK I began to search for a new job role and that's when I came across Aesthetic Response and the Patient Care Advisor position. The job sounded perfect as it was a similar type of role I was familiar with and I knew I would gain more knowledge and experience within this new field- aesthetics.

What I enjoy most about my role is talking with callers, helping them with their queries and learning about the new treatments available in the aesthetic industry. Aesthetics is growing all of the time with people of all ages booking appointments. We work with some great practitioners and it's interesting to see what treatments they are doing and how their business runs – everyone has their own ways, which I have to be aware of when I'm booking appointments for them.

I've found it quite strange working from home which I'm sure most have! I make sure I keep in touch with my work colleagues and feel lucky to have a strong team to support me. I look forward to finally seeing them as we are friends not just work colleagues. A few of us are looking forward to meeting up together soon to share some laughs and a few bubbles!

In my spare time I would normally enjoy socialising with friends so I'm looking forward to meeting up together soon to share some laughs and a few bubbles! I also love long walks with my dog Mario, which is just as well as we have been going on quite a lot of them!


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