We are continuing with our Meet Our Team blog series and this week we would like to introduce Lauren Bell – Lauren joined us in October 2016, making her one of our most experienced advisors. Let's hear what she has to say about herself:

Hi! I'm 'the other Lauren', age 33 and I'm a Patient Care Advisor for Aesthetic Response. I have always worked in customer service roles previously living abroad as an overseas rep. I actually applied for the position with AR whilst in Greece and had every intention of returning the following summer but five years on, here I am, with no regrets although I'm sure we'd all do anything to travel somewhere warm and sunny right now!
I enjoy my job because I have a genuine interest in the industry and have a passion for skin care and aesthetic treatments. I find it really helps me build a rapport with clients when I can speak from personal experience and can often put patients at ease by sharing this and putting any concerns they might have at bay.
As Lauren G mentioned in her post the role can be complex as I need to confidently navigate a wide range of systems and payment platforms. I find it incredibly frustrating when we're referred to as a 'call centre' as we're so much more than that. We build a knowledge of a wide range of treatments, understand how to manage clinic appointment slots efficiently, and memorize clinic protocols for all our clinics. I have some great conversations with patients, building a relationship on the phone, of course, as in all walks of life, some callers can be a bit demanding, upset or frustrated and really need me to go the extra mile in terms of TLC - it comes with the job!
Although the majority of my colleagues are enjoying home working being honest, I have found it extremely difficult and would jump at the chance to be back in our lovely office although I appreciate I am extremely fortunate to have my job. I really miss the atmosphere and social side of work and being responsible for the 10am tea round. We're a really close team and all have kept in constant contact via our whatsapp group chat. During working hours we hop on calls to one another when we need support with the more complex calls – team work makes the dream work as my manager Kimberley likes to say! We're already planning our next team night out which is well overdue. AR is the only place I have worked where we are genuinely all friends, not just colleagues.
When I'm not at work and before covid restrictions came in to place I love clothes shopping, socializing and visiting my favourite place in the world, Mallorca holds a very special place in my heart. Lately my days consist more of long walks and Netflix nights. I am looking forward to having a prosecco or 2 outdoors next month, hopefully with a few of my friends from work!

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