We thought you might like to know a little more about the people who keep us ticking here at AR. Meet Emma Rochester our IT & Systems Manager...

Hi! I'm Emma, I am 30 years old and am the IT Systems Manager here at Aesthetic Response.
I've been working at Aesthetic Response for nearly 7 and half years - oh how time flies! I started out as Patient Advisor helping patients on phone with their queries and appointment bookings- a role that I really enjoyed. I've always been passionate in providing the best customer service possible since my first very first job role working in customer service and I pride myself in helping people as much as I can to make their journey as easy as possible. I find the best way is to always smile on the phone, although the patient cannot see me on the other end it comes across on the call making the patient feel a connection on the other end of the line.
Before Aesthetic Response I studied at Northumbria University with a Foundation IT Degree, following which I then graduated and went on to further my learning by completing an Applied Computing degree. I studied a variety of IT related subjects such programming languages, website design, Android app development and System engineering.
Through natural progression, my eagerness to learn and my expert IT knowledge from my degree, combined with as my natural affinity with all things IT, I've worked my way up to being the main IT support within AR. Along with our external developers I've been able to work on our system, using my front line experience to adapt them to the way we work, ensuring that they work smoothly and seamlessly to support the team in their roles. As we all know technology is a complex thing and there can be blips at times, however when these challenges arise, my knowledge and my perseverance help to ensure that we always find a fix.
I see the AR team as my extended family, we all care so much about each other and it is such a pleasure to work with a fantastic group of people, sharing the same goal to providing the best customer service possible.
I've been with my partner for over 5 years, we've recently moved into our dream home and are over the moon as we're expecting our first baby in May! Good job we have managed to finish the decorating before our bundle arrives.

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