Identifying your USP's requires some serious thought. One way to start is to take a look at how other practices use their USP's to their advantage. This requires careful analysis of other practitioners' websites and marketing messages.

USP's can relate to the practice, practitioner and the treatments on offer. Here's ha brief guide as to how to uncover your USPs and use the messages to support your conversations, both online and verbal, with prospective new clients:

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Step back from your daily tasks and carefully consider what your clients really want. Yes you are a practitioner but do your clients simply want their lines filled? Things that may be on their wish list may include: experience, quality, discretion, convenience, reliability, friendliness, cleanliness, customer service, feeling valued, pampered. Remember, the price of the treatment is never the only reason clients buy from you.

How do you think your competitors are doing with the wish list?

Understand what motivates your customers' buying decisions. Your clients will make decisions based on what they think they want, not necessarily what they actually need. Take some time to think about what may motivate your callers, it's OK to say 'can I ask what made you call us today?', remember knowledge is powerful. People often think in similar ways and are motivated by the same desires so as you work on your USP's use this information.

Ask your existing clients. Your best source of information is your client. As your practice grows make sure that you ask your clients why they come to you for treatment. Once you have an understanding of what it is they like about you use the information to attract more clients!

Three areas to build your USP's:

THE PRACTITIONER/S: Identify at least 4 USP's you offer in this section for example:

  • A fact: I am a trainer within the Aesthetics' industry to my peer group i.e local ambassador for Allergan/Galderma/Mertz
  • What has been said about me?: Use testimonials / client feedback surveys, celebrity endorsement 

PRACTICE: Identify at least 4 USP's that you offer in this section for example:

  • Style of the practice: A Listed Georgian House in private grounds offering discretion
  • Awards for practice: Any that you have won or been shortlisted for

PROCEDURES: Identify at least 4 USP's that you offer in this section for example

  • Personal treatment plans
  • Awards won/shortlisted for products/treatments

Once you have identified at least four USP's for each category you need to valuate them and then use youre strongest ones. Which differentiate you the most from your competitors? These will become a focal point of your messaging.

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