The Aesthetics Awards has recently celebrated a number of well-deserving clinics across the UK for their excellent work. If your business is one of the lucky winners – congratulations! The hard work doesn’t end there, however!

When you collect your prestigious award, you are the centre of attention for a few golden minutes. People are taking pictures and videos of you, your name or clinic name is up in lights, everyone witnesses your award win. When you leave the stage, you want those golden minutes to last forever, and there are a few ways you can make that happen...

Don't let the award simply collect dust!

Make sure you sit the award somewhere where all your staff can see it and, more importantly, where your clients can see it when they come to the clinic! Put it in a well-lit area, at about eye-level height, without too much clutter around it, so it gets pride of place. Don't hide it in a corner, you need to show off the result of all your hard work!

Post about it on social media

At Aesthetic Response, we often talk about how you should make sure you're putting the right information – including your achievements – on your social media channels. Take a high-quality picture of your award on a relatively plain background with good lighting (natural daylight works really well) and get it online. You can share with your followers the name of the award that you have won, as well as sharing any photos or comments that you have of the night. Social media is a fantastic way to keep your award win alive.

Send a newsletter to your clients

If you have a frequent newsletter that you send out to your clients, you should take advantage of the celebration and write to them. Make it personal; without your clients, you wouldn't have a clinic to receive an award! They will feel appreciated and it will continue to build your relationship with them.

Alter your marketing messages

Take the time to comb through your website, social media, and print messages to see if you have room to fit in the words 'award-winning'. You could edit certain phrases to reflect your recent win, for example: 'Try our award-winning treatments', or 'We provide an award-winning service'. Those two words can really make a difference to your messaging, and are often relatively simple to change.

Add the awards badges to your publications

When you win an award, you usually receive digital badges that you can add to all of your marketing materials. You could add these to email footers, newsletters, social media, websites and brochures. If you don't have the budget for renewing physical documents, you could order some small stickers to be printed so you can adapt what you already have.

Write a blog

You don't have to write a several hundred-word essay to get your point across, but consider putting together a couple of paragraphs that sum up your evening at the awards ceremony that you can accompany with photos. You can use this space to thank people who voted for you and give an insider insight into the ceremony. People like to know the details! You can link the blog post to your social media channels, to keep the messaging around your awards win circling.

You have worked incredibly hard over the last 12 months to secure your award win, or highly commended status, so make sure you are using it to its full advantage!

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