The key to growth when using Facebook lies in the connection and engagement that you make with current and potential clients. Used well, you can turn Facebook into a powerful marketing tool.

Question: How can Facebook help me grow my clinic?

Brittany Holmes is AR's Marketing Assistant and spends time managing our social media streams across all platforms. With experience in B2B social media marketing and blogging, Brittany has excellent understanding of what works well online in the aesthetics sector. In this Ask the Expert Blog Brittany offers relevant advice and tips to help you to promote your aesthetic practice in the online world...

First and foremost, having a business Facebook page allows you to display important information about your clinic, including, but not limited to: location, contact details, opening hours, and offers. Posting updates on a regular basis not only increases your page's visibility in searches, but also creates a good channel of communication between you and your clients. They will enjoy reading updates about your clinic, or finding out about new treatments that they may like. You have worked hard to build a good relationship with them and posting on Facebook will in essence bridge the gap of communication between appointments.

You can also give multiple people access to the page account, so if you run a clinic with several staff, they can post or manage the page on your behalf if you struggle for the spare time. This would also vary the voice and style of writing on your page, keeping it fresh.

Here at AR we are starting to see many of our clients generating successful enquiries from Facebook, and with the social media giant constantly developing its user-oriented technology, it is becoming even easier.

Tailored content and personalised adverts mean that users see posts relevant to their location and search history, whether they follow your page on Facebook or not.

Imagine that a potential new client is unsure of where to look for treatment, so they turn to Google to search for clinics. Adverts on their Facebook page will then start to appear, related to their Google search and within a certain distance of their device's location. The advert that catches their attention on their own Facebook feed could indeed be yours and could mean a brand-new enquiry coming into your clinic, all from very little effort on your part.

If you run a small clinic, Facebook gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with potential new clients and draw in new enquiries. If you run a larger clinic, perhaps with multiple locations and several staff, managing a Facebook page allows your patients to connect with you on a more personal and engaging level.

As Facebook is a highly visual medium, it fits nicely into the aesthetics sector, with the ability to upload and organise photos on your page. For a free marketing tool to set up and manage, it really is valuable for your connections and online presence.

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