Latest Testimonials


Miss Sherina Balaratnam - S-thetics Clinic

Since launching my practice, Aesthetic Response has played a key part of my clinic growth and expansion. With a warm, friendly and professional approach, I consider them a core part of my team and highly recommend them.

Dr Justine Kluk - Dr Justine Kluk Dermatologist London

Aesthetic Response have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth-running of my clinic since it’s launch. As a single-handed practice, their expertise and efficiency in handling my bookings and enquiries (and taking payments initially as well) has freed up time allowing me to focus on what I’m good at - direct patient care. I am a perfectionist, but their professionalism and warm demeanour mean that I have complete confidence in having them represent me in all communication with existing and prospective patients. I have always been impressed with their “can do” attitude when faced with any task, large or small, and each and every one of the team who look after my practice have been a total pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for everything - I couldn’t have done this without you!

Dr Tukmachi, Dermadoc – Overflow Full Diary Management

“Aesthetic response has helped grow my clinic over the years by offering a personalised answering service for my practice. They are a credit to the aesthetic industry and I consider them a valuable asset to any clinic looking to expand!”

Dr Firhaas Tukmachi, Dermadoc, London – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"Thanks for all your fantastic efforts Aesthetic Response! Thanks to you, Dermadoc win first place in call answering out of all the clinics in Europe!* We are forever grateful!"

*Recent sector mystery shop across 74 leading European clinics

Dr Apte - Skin Southwest

The services of Aesthetic Response and the whole team are second to none, They are the first port of call when a Client calls and I am delighted to say that Aesthetic Response handle our calls impeccably and smoothly - I recommend them for any Aesthetic Business.

Emma Davies, Save Face Clinical Director & BACN co-founder - Full Cover

"I am a huge fan of AR, they do a brilliant job of front house, leaving you free to do your job of medical aesthetics."

Dr Charlotte Woodward, River Aesthetics - Full Cover

Here at River Aesthetics we have been using Aesthetic Response since November 2013 when we initially had them recommended by a colleague. At the time we had outsourced to a normal generic call centre who knew nothing about aesthetics, which meant all questions, queries, problems, diary management etc were directed at us. This was not ideal as we were both so busy and it culminated in a delay in contacting the patients, leading to frustrated clients and lost new opportunities.

At the time AR’s service started both myself and my business partner Victoria Manning, were working in the practice on a part-time basis, and Aesthetic Response were managing approximately 50 calls a month on our behalf.

Within a few months of transfering our calls to AR, we noticed an increase in both client conversion from call to appointment for consultation, as well as increased client satisfaction, which in turn led to a busier diary. The team got to know us and were (and still are) extremely professional in dealing with both us and our clients.

Towards the end of 2014 both Victoria and myself took the huge leap of faith and decided that we would leave our part-time NHS roles to concentrate full-time on building River Aesthetics. All through this period of time AR were working seamlessly in the background supporting the day to day running of the clinic. They liaised with clients, managed our time in clinic effectively and ensured that no stone was left unturned in terms of booking clients in for consultation.

I am very proud to say that River Aesthetics has gone from strength to strength: we opened our already thriving London practice in May 2016, and then our Canford Cliffs Clinic in February 2017. All of our calls continue to be managed by Aesthetic Response, as well as our email and social media enquiries, they even manage us to a certain extent! The call rate has grown form the initial 50 a month to in excess of 270, and throughout AR have maintained their exceptional conversion rates and great customer service standards. It is our belief that AR have contributed to River’s success over the last 3 ½ years and we trust that they will continue to play a vital role in our future plans.

We always have positive comments from patients about our reception team. If you need support with your clinic calls we can recommend that you use Aesthetic Response, we would be completely lost without them.

Frances Turner-Traill, Frances Turner-Traill Skin Clinic – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"I've been a customer of Aesthetic Response since its conception. In that time I've grown from being a mobile practitioner to having two clinics with a large database. Aesthetic Response have been integral in my journey and I doubt I would be where I am without their services. I cannot recommend highly enough. 5 stars doesn't reflect their outstanding service. Thank you."

Jane Wilson, Jane Wilson Aesthetics – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"I often ask my clients about the service they receive before actually meeting me and it’s always very positive. I love knowing that every enquiry and call is professionally handled. This is more than what I was managing to achieve prior to using your services. Being a busy working Mum it has really relieved the pressure and not having to sit in the evenings and start replying to emails and calls. My husband was starting to get a bit fed up with me sat on my phone all the time. It also doesn't sound very professional hearing kids shouting in the background! The only jobs left for me are the bits I like (and I'm good at)! Seeing and treating clients! My whole family noticed a difference in my stress levels.

I would say to anyone thinking about taking you on:

1) Clients will adjust to not speaking to you directly. In fact, they'll end up preferring it because their enquiry is dealt with faster.

2) Time will be more effectively put to use. No more endless text messages to pin down one appointment

3) Appointments are, where possible, sandwiched together.

4) Clients have lots of accurate info before they get through the door.

5) The price for the Engage Service is negligible. So many people simply put the phone down if they hear an answering machine and move on to the next number. I did it myself the other week trying to get hold of a plumber! I think this is more so with these treatments! Clients can be apprehensive and once they pick up the phone they need to talk to someone."

Jackie Holden, Brighton Beautiful – Full Cover

"Aesthetic Response have given me....calmness and efficiency in my life. The ability to run a smooth uninterrupted clinic by handling all my calls. Quality time with my family in the evenings as no longer do I have patients to call and text replies to. The patchwork of post its and confusion has left me. Patients are happy as their call is responded to immediately. Big increase in new patients as their enquiry is taken and converted to a booking with great efficiency. Good to get my life back! Thank you"

Dr Victoria Manning, Clinical Director of River Aesthetics, Lymington – Full Cover

“We have been using Aesthetic Response for the past 18 months, we initially had them recommended by a colleague as at the time we had outsourced to a normal call centre who knew nothing about aesthetics. This meant all questions, queries, problems, diary management etc were directed at us. Not ideal when you are treating patients, this culminated in a delay in contacting the patients.

Since transferring to AR we have noticed an increase in both client conversion and client satisfaction. The team know us and are extremely professional in dealing with both us and our clients.

The team book our appointments and manage our diary for us, and manage us to a certain extent!

I always have positive comments from patients about our reception team. So basically if you need a call team, use Aesthetic Response, we would be completely lost without them."

Gareth Lewis, British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) - Message Taking

Aesthetic Response have been invaluable to the BACN since they have started answering our calls mid-2016. As a small team, we have often struggled to field all calls from our members, and lost out on potential members. Aesthetic Response have transformed our customer service capabilities, allowing our team to respond to calls in an appropriate time frame, with prepared and professional call backs to members who have a variety of questions. In addition, Aesthetic Response are able to answer calls outside of normal office hours, ensuring we do not miss anything.

The Aesthetic Response team are all helpful and extremely responsive, Gilly and the team are really passionate about making sure every call is answered appropriately and with quality customer service.

It helps so much that the team have a foundation of Aesthetic knowledge, which really sets them apart from other competitors, I truly could not recommend Aesthetic Response enough to anyone who is thinking of using them, it really will change how you work.

Dr Grant McKeating, Rejuvamed - Overflow and Out of Hours Support

I was impressed with the efficiency of the message taking service, and so it was a relatively straightforward decision to progress to the full service with AR. I had no reservations.

I needed a company where staff possessed specific knowledge of aesthetics, to be able to advise patients sensibly, without having to refer back to us.

Setup was fairly straightforward. Templates were provided which were easily completed, with sufficient detail to allow AR to manage the bookings and queries effectively.

AR provides a "second receptionist" for the clinic, providing back up to my team during busy periods, and when the clinic is closed. I know that the calls will be answered, and queries dealt with professionally, with bookings made using our system.

The main benefit offered during busy clinic hours is that my staff can deal with patients in clinic, without having to worry about spending time on the phone whilst patients wait at the desk. The patients get the personal attention without diversion.

The team at AR are friendly, efficient and focus on customer care as a priority. Any issues or queries are dealt with rapidly and efficiently. The level of service is excellent.

Dr Kieren Bong, Essence Medical, Glasgow – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"Our clinic works to an exceptional standard of patient care. Being able to access us on the phone is the most important connection we have with our patients and therefore high quality call management is crucial. The after-hours service provided by AR reflects and complements our in-house service. Their established team of staff who are well trained and courteous makes AR an excellent partner for us and I would not hesitate to recommend them. We are looking forward to a very positive 2015 working with AR."

Emma Chan, Medical Aesthetics and Skin Solutions – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"Since the introduction of aesthetic response to my clinic, my clients receive a professional and efficient appointment and treatment information service. As a busy practitioner with a very young family, my life has been revolutionised. I no longer worry about missed calls, emails and missed business! Instead I can concentrate on building my business, self-development and creating a positive work life balance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend aesthetic response."

Christine Fittus, The Linea Clinic – Full Cover

"I have been very happy with the service and I always get very positive feedback from my new clients, so thank you all for your professionalism. I hope it goes well for you but don't become too big that you lose the personal touch! I am delighted that I found your company, thank you."

Dr Tanqueray, Mulberry House Clinic, Northampton – Full Cover

"We have been extremely happy with the service provided by Aesthetic Response. We no longer take any of our calls which as a small clinic frees our time considerably, we know our calls are being taken by knowledgeable and sensitive staff, and most importantly our patients regularly comment on the quality of the staff they speak to. Aesthetic Response genuinely feel like an extension of our team - they also adapt quickly when we take on new treatments."

Anna Raurell, Cosmetic Surgeon in the East Midlands - Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"I am very happy with the service provided by Aesthetic Response. I only have good things to sayabout the Service you provide. All the staff are extremely helpful and reliable. I do not have full time secretarial support which means that some enquiries or follow up calls can be missed. It is important for me as a new private practice not to miss any potential patients and Aesthetic Response provide that service for me. The patients have commented on how helpful and good they are.

Every time I have contacted the service directly they have always been very professional and competent. They reply fast to enquiries. I think they understand well cosmetic/plastic surgery patients and their requirements giving a very friendly and trusting service.

Many thanks for your help!!!"

The Light Touch Clinic

The Light Touch Clinic is a multi-award winning medi-spa led by Dr Natalie Blakely.

Sheila W – PA to Mr F.

"Mr F. employed the services of Aesthetic Response a couple of months ago now, to give some back up to his increasingly busy practice. We all know how important it is to answer calls promptly, but the volume of work has made this very difficult to manage, with many calls going unanswered or going to voicemail.

I can only say what a Godsend Aesthetic Response have been! If I'm on another call, or unable to answer my phone within 3 rings, it automatically diverts to AR. They also pick up any out of hours calls for me. I get concise, clear and accurate emails sent immediately giving the caller's details and the nature of the call. Anything urgent is flagged up as so. The ladies at Aesthetic Response are most professional, and the caller gets the impression they are in the same building/office as me.

From my perspective the ladies at AR are now like additional work colleagues. They really do provide an excellent, reliable and friendly service and have proved invaluable when I've needed to take time away from the office unexpectedly or if I need to attend to some admin work for a short period of time without the phone disturbing me.

Mr F. and I are both delighted with the service provided and would have no hesitations in highly recommending Aesthetic Response."

An Independent Plastic Surgeon – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"This service makes total sense - when my PA is busy my clients always get a real, knowledgeable person instead of an answer machine. It reflects the quality of the service that I like to provide my clients."

PA To Mr X – Overflow and Out of Hours Support

"It has given me so much peace of mind when I am away from my desk or am out of the office, knowing that the patients are getting a helpful, friendly response to their call. It enables me to prioritise my call backs, freeing up some time for other tasks."

EN Secretary to Mr N, London Clinic

"I have found the services of Aesthetic Response to be very helpful since they started call handling for the practice in August 2011 (Over flow calls during normal office hours and all calls outside of normal hours). Patients have commented on how polite and friendly the staff are and prefer to be able to speak to a person rather than leave a message on an answering machine. The messages passed on to me by email arrive in an efficient manner and allow me to prioritise the call backs. The call handlers have also been happy to contact patients on my behalf outside of my normal working hours so as to prevent a trail of missed calls. I am very happy with their service and grateful for their help."