Multiple Practice locations

Looking after more than one Practice becomes logistically challenging in terms of complete Client service from initial enquiry to post treatment care. Doubling up on trained staff to handle your practice calls, and manage your practice diary for all your practitioners and clinics can be very costly and resource inefficient

AR's specialist service offers a seamless and highly cost effective multi practice call handling solution

  • Highly skilled, trained advisors fronting your practice, however many locations

  • Your calls answered promptly and professionally; daytime, evening or on a Saturday

  • Detailed messages taken and forwarded by text or email

  • An exceptional high booking rate

  • Appointments booked into your diary: by practice, by practitioner, or by room or machine

  • Skilled diary managers to ensure all appointments are time and resource efficient

  • Detailed call reports to help build your database, support and track your marketing activity

  • No enquiry handling disruptions through rest-room and lunch breaks, holidays or sickness

To find out what leading aesthetic practitioners say about our services, see below

Tailor our service to your suit your requirements

Highly cost effective, high calibre call handling support for less than part time or full time trained staff

Your clients are in safe hands

We have been using Aesthetic Response for the past 18 months, we initially had them recommended by a colleague as at the time we had outsourced to a normal call centre who knew nothing about aesthetics. This meant all questions, queries, problems, diary management etc were directed at us. Not ideal when you are treating patients, this culminated in a delay in contacting the patients.

Since transferring to AR we have noticed an increase in both client conversion and client satisfaction. The team know us and are extremely professional in dealing with both us and our clients.

The team book our appointments and manage our diary for us, and manage us to a certain extent!

I always have positive comments from patients about our reception team. So basically if you need a call team, use Aesthetic Response, we would be completely lost without them."

Dr Victoria Manning, Clinical Director of River Aesthetics, Lymington

"I often ask my clients about the service they receive before actually meeting me and its always very positive. I love knowing that every enquiry and call is professionally handled. This is more than what I was managing to achieve prior to using your services. Being a busy working Mum it has really relieved the pressure and not having to sit in the evenings and start replying to emails and calls. My husband was starting to get a bit fed up with me sat on my phone all the time. It also doesn't sound very professional hearing kids shouting in the background! The only jobs left for me are the bits I like (and I'm good at)! Seeing and treating clients! My whole family noticed a difference in my stress levels.

I would say to anyone thinking about taking you on:

1) Clients will adjust to not speaking to you directly. In fact, they'll end up preferring it because their enquiry is dealt with faster.

2) Time will be more effectively put to use. No more endless text messages to pin down one appointment

3) Appointments are, where possible, sandwiched together.

4) Clients have lots of accurate info before they get through the door.

5) The price for the Engage Service is negligible. So many people simply put the phone down if they hear an answering machine and move on to the next number. I did it myself the other week trying to get hold of a plumber! I think this is more so with these treatments! Clients can be apprehensive and once they pick up the phone they need to talk to someone."

Jane Wilson, Jane Wilson Aesthetics