Do you know how effective your current enquiry handling service is? Answering these top 10 questions will allow you to evaluate the enquiry handling of your in-house staff and identify where your practice may need improvement.

1. How much is the average new patient worth to your clinic in one year?

2. Do you know your average cost to generate a new enquiry (total marketing spend divided by total number of genuine enquiries)?

3. How many hours are your phones covered to capture all new enquiries and all your practice calls?

4. How effective would you say your main competitors are in call handling? Have you mystery shopped them?

5. How do your team capture all the information required from enquirers?

6. What is your current conversion rate for new telephone enquiries to consultation appointment?

7. How will your team ensure you build up your database and gain permission to take contact details if new patients don't book there and then?

8. How can your staff reduce DNA rates to 0 and improve practice efficiency?

9. How do you train staff if there are appointment booking deficiencies?

10. What is the investment required for training and development?